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Tag a disappointment.

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No one. Skip.

No one gives a fuck about your PUBG chicken dinner screenshot in stories bro.

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Sadness is when the crypto coin you thought of investing in shoots up in price by more than 100%.

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When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.
~ Elon Musk

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When guests arriving our home don't pickup our call ~
Other countries: Maybe he has lost his phone, or met with an accident on the way.
India: Ghar ke paas pahunch gaye honge.

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Talk dirty to me!

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Guy: Tera dil sach mei soft hai.

Girl: Bhosadike woh dil nhi hai.

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Screenshots travel faster than the speed of light.

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Section 377 scraped!

He: Hello.

He(2): Nahi dunga

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Me: Kitne ki hai ye shirt?

Shopkeeper: 800 ki hai par aapke liye 500.

Me: Kyu mein behnoi lagta hon tera?

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I was watching Avengers Infinity war and it was nearly the ending when this girl behind me asked her boyfriend "Isme Batman aur Superman nhi aate kya?".
I looked at that guy, he looked at me and whispered to me "Bhai jaisi bhi hai, de deti hai."

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Dekhte hai

"Dekhte hai" is "No" bolne ki ninja technique.

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Thank us later JEE boys

Bhaiya aapke liye khush khabri hai!
Agar aap iss saal JEE dene waale hai to apna name physically challenged category mei likhwana aur bolna ki lulli choti hai.
Tumhari shakal hee itni bhaddi hai ki koi lulli check bhi nhi karna chahega.
IIT mil jayega IIT.

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Christmas gift lena hai! Lelo bhaiyo watch!

Me: Bhaiya wo wrist watch dena.

He: Konsi?

Me: Wo jismei ladki ka dupatta phans jaye.